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Tenant Information

Care of Premises

The obligations of a tenant are set out in the tenancy agreement. In particular we emphasise:

Do not put ‘Blu Tac’ or similar substances on walls or doors. This is an oil based product and any costs for rectifying the damage will be at the tenant’s expense.

Do not bring bicycles into the property as oil and grease could damage carpets and walls.

Please seek permission first before hanging pictures and only use correct picture hooks. Any holes to be made good at the end of the tenancy.

Clean the property carefully throughout the tenancy and at the end of the tenancy. Any damage to walls or carpets etc, caused by cleaning will be the responsibility of the tenants.

Do not make any changes to the property without the written consent of Franklin Gallimore /Landlord.

Failure to keep the property clean and tidy during the tenancy will result in charges being imposed upon you as a result of professional cleaners being employed, either during the tenancy or after the tenancy has expired.

Responsibilities During a Tenancy

The obligations of a tenant are set out in the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. In particular your attention is drawn to the following:

REPAIRS - If something in the house requires attention, please contact Franklin Gallimore on 01584 810 436 as soon as possible.

GAS - If you think you can smell gas in the property, telephone TRANSCO on 0800 111 999 immediately. If the property has a gas boiler it is the tenant’s obligation to ensure a supply is maintained at all time, especially with pre-pay meters.

RODENTS - Occasionally mice can enter a property, particularly during the winter months. The tenant is responsible for their removal. This can usually be achieved by placing rodent poison or traps in appropriate places. Care should be taken to follow the instructions on the product purchased.

ANTS - Ants (or other insects) may enter the property. Appropriate powders can be purchased to exterminate the insect.

DRAINS - Tenants must be careful not to block drains. This can happen if fats, oils, food stuffs, sanitary products and other inappropriate matter are allowed into the drains.

FROST AND BURST PIPES - From November to March, serious damage can arise from burst pipes. This is caused when the pipes freeze and when thawing takes place flooding can occur and damage the property. You are reminded that it is your responsibility to ensure that adequate heating is provided at all times in the property.


MOULD - The build up of mould on walls and windows can be unpleasant and damaging. Every care must be taken to prevent this happening, particularly in older properties and rooms in properties which are prone to condensation. Generally, mould can form quickly if there is a large build up of condensation which cannot escape and which comes into contact with cold surfaces such as windows and external walls.

To keep mould under control, it is recommended that:

  • Areas in or near kitchens and bathrooms are properly ventilated.
  • Rooms should be kept warm to prevent condensation coming into contact with cold surfaces.

If mould starts to form, it should be washed down with soapy water, with care being taken to prevent damaging the surface. If a small amount of bleach is mixed with water and then using an old toothbrush can help keep window frames free of mould. If the problem persists, or you are concerned, Franklin Gallimore should be contacted immediately.

FUSE BOXES - If the electricity trips, please check the fusebox. If any of the switches are out of line, please click back over. This should rectify the problem. If the electricity keeps tripping, please notify Franklin Gallimore for advice as it may be one of the appliances causing the problem.

LIGHT BULBS - It is the responsibility of the tenant that any light bulbs are replaced with ones of the same wattage. All light bulbs must be in working order at the end of the tenancy.

CHIMNEYS - If permission is granted for the use of chimneys, these must be swept annually at the tenant’s cost. The tenant is responsible for arranging this.

FIRE ALARMS - (Where battery fitted) Must be regularly checked and batteries changed when needed.

Responsibilities on Vacation of Properties

These are clearly set out in the Tenancy Agreement but set out a useful checklist as follows:-

  1. Ensure all utility payments are up to date and confirmation is received from energy suppliers, water/sewerage, telephone etc. Copies confirming payment may be required. Any pre-payment meters are not to be left with a negative balance. If so, this will automatically be deducted from the Deposit.
  2. Ensure Council Tax is up to date until the date your tenancy expires. As a general guide to ensuring smooth refund of deposit the typical areas that lead to deductions being made are the following:
    • Poor standard of cleaning, particularly regarding kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms , ensuite etc
    • Oven/ extractor not cleaned to good standard
    • Gardens, lawns hedges not cut/ beds not weeded, Driveways, paths not cleared
    • Carpets not cleaned or marked
    • Marked walls, following the removal of fittings holes not filled or redecorated to match
    • Windows not cleaned
    • Chimneys not swept, where required. Receipted invoices may be requested.
    • Furniture and white goods i.e. washing machines, fridges etc. (excluding those items detailed in the inventory) and all personal effects not being removed, along with any soft furnishings you have provided. NB. If you have agreed with the incoming tenants that items are being left for their benefit we will require a note signed by both parties confirming the same
    • Kitchen cupboards not cleared and wiped out
    • If there is a private drainage system and it is your responsibility if it has been emptied (receipted invoices may be requested.)
    • Refuse not removed from the property
    • All keys being returned

If there are any other areas that you feel may need attention and need assistance by all means give us a call. Until the items outlined above have been attended to there may be a delay in processing your deposit.


If works or a call-out made by the managing agents or contractors engaged on their behalf to remedy a defect, which is the tenant’s obligation, the tenant will be fully responsible for these costs and Franklin Gallimore reserve the right to levy an Administration Fee of £25 plus VAT.